Youth Paddle Sports

Ground Up Adventures is planning lots of exciting activities at the Boathouse on the Red this summer. Check back for updates. Here are a few ideas we have "floating around".

We love the river!!!!  Kids love the river too!  Parents?  Community members? Well, in this town - not so much.  Fair enough - people who have grown up here have learned that the river was dangerous and dirty and as we're finding out, they learned pretty well.  However, in truth, it is neither.  Sure there is the danger associated with any body of water, and there is a large amount of suspended sediment (high turbidity) that decreases visibility in it - but trust us - it's not dirty! The river is an awesome resource for the Grand Cities, and we want to help develop youth programming on it as soon as we can - here's what we envision:

  • Introductory Classes: These one-time events would include basic instruction in river safety, paddling equipment, river reading and navigating, and paddling skills. These classes would be directed at inexperiened youth 10-16 years old.
  • Youth Paddling Club: This would a progression of our sessions over a 3-5 week period, with fun activities interspered with paddling instruction (think races, treasure hunts, and longer floats).
  • Family Outings: Designed for families with younger kids - we'll get you out enjoying the river with your little ones of any age!  These 1-2 hour trips will likely put in near Lincoln Park and take out downstream at the boathouse.
  • Adventure Trips: As we get our 'river legs', we're thinking of possible full day or overnight trips upstream on the Red Lake River.