Youth Paddle Sports

Ground Up Adventures is planning lots of exciting activities at the Boathouse on the Red next summer. Check back in with us next spring for more information. Here are just a few ideas we have "floating around".

We love the river!!!!  Kids love the river too!  Parents?  Community members? Well, in this town - not so much.  Fair enough - people who have grown up here have learned that the river was dangerous and dirty and as we're finding out, they learned pretty well.  However, in truth, it is neither.  Sure there is the danger associated with any body of water, and there is a large amount of suspended sediment (high turbidity) that decreases visibility in it - but trust me - it's not dirty!  When I was swimming in it regularly I stopped showering altogether and no one was the wiser (yeah, I know, too much information!).  But seriously - the river is awesome and we want to help develop youth programming on it as soon as we can - here's what we envision:

  • Youth Paddling Club:  This would be run similarly to our climbing club but take place during the summer months.  Kids would sign up for 4-6 week sessions and meet weekly to learn the basics of canoeing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding, and packrafting.  We might even have an opportunity to teach rowing!
  • Family Outings:  Designed for families with younger kids - we'll get you out enjoying the river with your little ones of any age!  These 1-2 hour trips will likely put in near Lincoln Park and take out down town (hopefully at the boathouse) and travel downstream only.  
  • Adventure Trips:  As we get our 'river legs', we're planning to develop one and two day trips for more adventurous paddlers to places further afield.  Possible destinations include the Pembina River (class I/II whitewater in spring), the St. Croix (class II/III whitewater), and Lake Superior (SUP surfing!!!), and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
  • Youth Paddle Sports Team:  When kids like stuff and are good who knows where it will take them.  We suspect that we're going to have some good paddlers here in the region once we get things going - lake country is right next door after all.  If there is is interest we hope to put together a paddling team that would train in a variety of disciplines and compete regionally in paddling events (canoe races, SUP races, etc).  The sky is the limit!
  • Introductory Classes:  Finally, we are hoping to partner with Choice Health and Fitness to offer some introductory paddling classes in 'Dusty's Creek' the man-made water feature located on Choice grounds.  Class descriptions are still in the works but are likely to include both basic instruction classes as well as fitness based classes such as SUP yoga, SUP fit,  and others.  Yeah... there will be options for adults too!

So as you can see - we've got some big ideas.  Keep your fingers crossed - we're finding out that these things can take quite a long time to get going, particularly since we're pretty much working to completely change the perception of the river itself.  But we're confident and like challenges (you kinda knew that, right?) - so stay tuned and stay excited!