Family Adventure Races

*Family Adventure Race Sunday, September 24th, 2017 from 1- 2:30 pm at The Boathouse on the Greenway- Sign up today

Ground Up Adventures' family adventure races are multi-sport events (run, bike, and boat) scaled down specifically for youth and family participation. Our family adventure races require no prior experience, last 2-3 hours, and focus on having fun as much as building confidence and outdoor skills in area youth.

So what should you expect?  Racers will be treated to an 'adventure racing' style course where they need to find their way (navigate) to a number of checkpoints using map and compass.  Maps will be provided at the beginning of the race.  Racers will be allowed to use bikes to reach the checkpoints, but should be aware that many of them will require getting off the bikes and walking in order to locate them (ie they may be in a section of woods, etc).  There will be somewhere between 10 and 20 checkpoints on the course and teams will attempt to get as many as possible in around 2 hours.  Racers should plan on the possibility of getting a little muddy and possibly a little wet. It is not exactly a race for speed- it is about teamwork finding specific checkpoints, the faster your team is the more checkpoints you will be able to find. For an idea of what to wear and bring to the race, click HERE. Ground UP adventures has loaner compasses available on request. We have life jackets and watercraft. You will need your bike and helmet. Still not sure?  Check out the video below to see a past event (Winnipeg, May 2014) and see what you're sure not to want to miss!

FAR Grand Forks--Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Location: Lincoln Drive Park warming house
Time: 1:00-2:30 pm.

There are two categories available for each event (see who is signed up):

  • "Family Team" (comprising of at least one adult and any number of kids)
  • "Youth Team" (consisting of 2-4 youth aged 10-16)

Click here to register!

Racers 9 and under must race on a Family Team, unless otherwise arranged (contact us).  Racers 10-16 on a Youth Team must have parental consent in the form of a parent signature on the event waiver.

  •  Each race will be capped at 100 total racers. 
  • Online registration cost is $15 per youth racer 6-16, $5.00 for kid racer 3-5 years of age,  Adults on family teams are free, as are racers 3 and under. 
  • Race Day registration will be available (starting an hour before the race) at the race site, assuming spots are still available.  Our last race was full two three weeks before it happened, so to make sure you get in on the fun, register early!

NOTE:  An Adventure Race is NOT a relay race!  Teams are required to stay together (within 100 feet) the entire race.  This sport teaches good communication, team-work, navigation, and of course promotes getting outside and discovering a great appreciation for this wonderful thing called nature. 
If your kids want more navigation, more outside, more skills, and more work (adventure racing ain't easy!), they might enjoy the Youth Summer Adventure Racing Camp.

Past Races

2015: FAR Grand Forks - Photos
2014: FAR East Grand Forks - Photos
2014: FAR Winnipeg - Results, Video, Photos (Larissa's, Wes's)
2013: FAR2 (fall) - WDAZ (news coverage), results, photos
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2012:  Photos, Video

For questions, please email groundup.