Ground UP Adventures is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Grand Forks, ND.  Our official purpose, as reported to the good old IRS, is:

The corporation is organized for the purpose of planning, promoting, and organizing adventure based activities (including amateur competitions) for youth; educating youth about adventure based activities; increasing youth access to adventure based activities; and any other charitable purposes ancillary thereto.

Sounds so exciting, right?  But to be honest, what we do IS pretty exciting.  We have three general focus areas - 1) General youth programing.  This includes things like our climbing and paddling clubs and our adventure camp.  2) Encouraging youth to embrace other adventure opportunities.  This is where our youth racing team and scholarship program/young adventurer program falls.  3) Increasing access to adventure based activities for community youth.  We're working with other community and regional groups to create things like orienteering courses, river access (the boat house project), and youth/family focused adventure events.

What we're about here at Ground UP Adventures -- we all love discovering and approaching our potential as people and want to help kids make the same journey. It's amazing what happens when one realizes what they are capable of and actually lives their lives guided by that awareness.  Real Joy.  Fellowship.  Awesomeness.  Sure there are other ways to come to this awareness -- but all roads will challenge the mind, body, and spirit at some point and probably involve at least some degree of suffering.  And since we've never been on a great adventure that wasn't heaped with challenge and suffering as well as joy and fellowship -- adventuring seems to be pretty good path to follow.  

As for the name? "Ground UP" adventures pays homage to my (Andy's) adventuring roots in climbing.  In climber's jargon - 'ground up' refers to the practice of attempting a climb sight unseen, starting at the bottom.  Such attempts inherently present the biggest risk--it is impossible to know what lays ahead, if the climb is even possible, or if there is an option of retreat if things go bad.  The flip side of course is that if adventure is what you're after, climbing--or living--'ground up' also promises the greatest potential for reward.  

We hope you enjoy the site.  Feel free to send us an email with any questions and to let us know how we're doing (and how you're doing for that matter!).


Ground UP Adventures