Boats and Rates

We have a variety of watercraft at the boathouse, paid for by generous donations by local businesses and individuals. Scroll down to see what we have, and stop by for a paddle! 

Craft For 90 minutes each add. hour Per Day


Canoe $10 $5 $55 $85    
Kayak $10 (solo) 
$10 (tandem)
$5 $55 $85
SUP $10 $5 $55 $85

*All rentals include lifejacket and paddle!
**Note, some rental items may not be available during pre-scheduled activities (fitness classes, youth clubs, etc) so check the activity schedule!

Being that we have a limited number of crafts, there is a limit to how many can be rented out for the weekend.



Mad River Adventure 14 (holds 2)

Mad River Adventure 16 (holds 3)


Perception Tribe 11.5 (solo)

Perception Tribe 13.5 (tandem)--holds two, can be paddled solo


Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUPs)


Jimmy Styks Orca

Inflatable SUPs (not shown, contact us for details)

Performance, racing oriented SUPs (not shown, contact us for details)