Busy Summer (and Boat House News!)

It has been a very, very busy summer for GUP.  In addition to all the normal summer activities that most of us get up to with our families, we were able to pull off a fantastic summer adventure camp [check out the video!], host several climbing sessions at the wall in conjunction with other youth focused organizations, and (fingers crossed) actually get this boat house open!  Although we originally announced a boat house opening date of mid June, rainy spring weather pushed that initial deadline into July where other committments and a vast under-estimation of the amount of work to be done pushed it even further.  But, progress continued to be made and with the hiring of two new builders to assist with the progress the first container is slated to be inspected and moved by this weekend. We're still planning to open operations once this first container is done but will be holding off on the programming we'd hoped to offer this summer so that we can 'get our feet wet' so to speak.  We will focus on getting folks to the river on these nice late summer afternoons and will be putting on several free community paddling nights between now and the end of the season, so stay tuned.  Next summer we will come out with paddles blazin!  For more information, visit the boat house website--www.bhonthered.org


Any more updates on the boathouse? I like the idea of the free community paddling nights. That's a great way to introduce more people to boating. Good luck with the project, always nice to see people making it easier to enjoy the water!

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