Girls Adventure Running Camp

June 11 - 14, 2019
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Lincoln Drive Park
Grand Forks, ND

Ground Up Adventures’ Girls Adventure Running Camp is a 4-day experience for young girls that focuses on building physical and mental skills through an engaging curriculum and fun, accessible running and adventure-based activities. The purpose of the camp is to teach skills that facilitate physical activity, adventure, and empowerment. There have been a few changes for this year:

1) Due to the popularity of camp last year, we've increased registration to 30 girls. 
2) GARC is open to girls ages 9 to 12.
3) This camp is MOST appropriate for beginning to intermediate runners. Advanced runners are welcome to join, but most activities will be at the beginning to intermediate running level. 
4) We will spend more time out adventuring, especially at Turtle River State Park!
Each day will include a lesson targeting specific mental skills that are then applied during the adventure running activities for the day. Camp activities will take place on the Grand Forks Greenway near Lincoln Drive Park and Turtle River State Park (transportation will be provided to and from the park by the camp directors). Campers should be dropped off and picked up each day at Lincoln Drive Park (120 Euclid Ave, Grand Forks, ND).
Girls Adventure Running Camp Curriculum

Day Running Activity Mental Skills Activities
1 Scavenger Hunt Self-talk, Self-esteem
2 Navigation/Orienteering Course Teamwork, Communication
3 Trail Running/Hills Visualization, Imagery
4 Adventure/Obstacle Course Energy Management