Adventure Racing, Family Style!

END-FAR - Extreme North Dakota's Family Adventure Race - is almost here!  The race takes place on Sunday, October 7th in and around Lincoln Park (in Grand Forks, ND) from 1-3 pm.  Race day registration will be available starting at noon at the warming house.  The race is open to families (parent's racing with their kids) or 'kid only' teams (youth racers between the age of 11 and 16).  The event involves using map and compass navigation to locate as many 'checkpoints' as possible over 2 hours.  There are also a couple of 'mystery challenges' to break up all the running, biking, and paddling.  Dakota Harvest Bakery is providing a bounty of goodies for the finish line, and partnership with the YMCA of Grand Forks also helps make the event possible!  Come check it out! 

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