Walhalla Youth Attempt State's Toughest Race

Hunter Soli (17) and Jesse Schurman (16) were part of a four man team that attempted to complete Extreme North Dakota's END-AR 24, a 24 hour adventure race, on August 25th and 26th.  Adventure racing requires team work and plenty of endurance as teams navigate their way using map and compass to a series of checkpoints on a course that remains a mystery until race day.  The pair were plunging in the deep end with END-AR 24 - an event covered over 50 miles of rugged and remote terrain in the Pembina Gorge region and took most teams 20-24 hours of continuous travel to complete (click for race report).  The team pulled the plug on their attempt in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday morning after more than 14 hours of racing, when Matt Soli, Hunter's dad, wasn't capable of proceeding onto the third section of the race, a five-six mile trek and bushwhack  through thick brush and along overgrown creek bottoms.  Despite not being official finishers, the team made it much further than anyone expected, and had some of the best attitudes seen on the course.  The team promises to return next year, but this time as two seperate squads - one young and one 'older'.  Sounds like we'll have a generational battle on our hands! Congrats to the team for tackling such an ambitions undertaking as a first ever adventure race, and pushing through as much as you did.  We'll be keeping our eye on Hunter and Jesse, both of whom are heading down to ENDracing's next race, END-TOMBED in late October, and are likey candidates for team END-FAST in 2013.

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