Experience, Passion, Support, Love.

So we're about nine months old, and I find myself asking this question. Why is Ground UP adventures the real deal? Why are ENDracing's events so gosh darn fun? Well, there are four parts to that answer - experience, passion, support, and love. Our organization not only puts on some great races, but all of the board members are also experienced racers and/or adventurers themselves. I (Andy, board chairman) am, for example, a part time member of one of the best adventure race teams in the United States, Team GearJunkie/Yogaslackers, and will be racing as part of their squad in the Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Race National championship in Kentucky on October 22nd. Because we have decades of racing and adventuring experience between us, we've learned what works and what doesn't. Our board also shares a real belief in the positive and transformative role that adventure can play in peoples lives, and is passionate about having our organization make a real difference in our community and region. Additionally, we've been supported by many wonderful groups and companies, both nationally and locally, who help to make our vision into a reality. Most of these groups have given either monetary or product support over the last few years, or just as importantly helped spread the word about what we're trying to do - with nothing expected in return. This is an invaluable gift for our little grassroots company. Finally, we've developed a pretty healthy love affair with our public - the kind that makes all of our efforts feel worthwhile. Folks seem to appreciate what we're doing, and we always appreciate them doing it.

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