From the Pond to the Ocean

The Ground UP climbing team travelled from the pond to the ocean this past weekend as they headed to Minneapolis to participate in one of the largest climbing competitions in the midwest, Vertical Endeavors "Jug or Not" event.  All 11 team members, 4 of the coaches, and one team parent ended up challenging themselves against the massive 60+ foot walls and extraordinarily deep field of competitors.  The kids all did fabulously well and exemplified our team rules - they had fun, climbed hard enough to fall, and were supportive of each other.

Coalition for a Healthy Greater Grand Forks Grant

A big thanks to the Coalition for a Healthy Greater Grand Forks for providing $500 of assistance this spring for Ground UP adventures adventure programming!  The funds will be used to help pay for goodies that will be enjoyed by participants of the Family Adventure Race, and to help offset costs and provide supplies for the Adventure Racing Camp slated for mid June.  We can't thank them enough for their support of our endeavors!  

Team END-FAST off to a great start!

The Extreme North Dakota Future of Adventure Sports Team, END-FAST, has had a busy February.  Elizabeth Carr, aged 15, competed in the Grand Forks winter series.  She placed second in the 5K frozen feat and second in the beginners category at Bikecicle, both held on February 16th.  She went on to place third overall in the Yetiess (solo) category at ENDracing's Iceman Triathlon on Saturday, Feb. 23rd.  Her efforts led her to the top spot in the series overall.

GUP Makes the News (Again!) - Ice Climbing.

Jim Grijalva, Ground UP adventures Vice Chairman, wears many hats.  In addition to his roles as a law professor, non-profit board member, husband, and hockey dad, he also plays the role of farmer.  An ice farmer.  Grijalva's dedication to this strange craft has paid off this year as he's successfully created the regions only ice climbing wall!  The Grand Forks Herald sent a few reporters out to capture the story, so we'll let their words do the talking.  Click HERE for the story. 

Board Elections

It's been two years folks, and it is time to elect a new board, re-elect the old board, or some combination of the two!  If you're interested in becoming a bigger part of the organization of thing you have something to offer, feel free to email in a self-nomination which will get passed on to existing board members.

Parks Board Boat House Meeting

The "Boat House" project is going to be discussed at the next Parks Board meeting on December 4th.  The meeting is open to the public and we encourage attendance by anyone and everyone - particularly those who are enthusiastic supporters of what we're trying to accomplish.  We will be presenting a 'business plan' for the boat house which will detail our proposed management arrangement and discuss options for cost sharing, revenue streams, etc.