Thoughts on youth

Ground UP adventures is reorganizing a bit - our focus as an organization is turing exclusively towards promoting and providing adventuring for youth.  I'm pretty excited about the change because its a move towards something i really believe in.  Here's a brief essay that gives a bit of insight into why i think its so important to get kids involved in (or at the very least give them the option to get involved in) genuine adventures.

Mt. bike race comes to Turtle River State Park

END-TOMBED, ENDracing's final race of the year, took place last weekend in Turtle River State Park.  The halloween themed 12 hour mountain bike race drew 75 bikers, over half from outside of Grand Forks, and may have been the biggest bike race in North Dakota this year!  The event was fantastic - phenomenal course, great venue (thanks TRSP!), awesome food from Dakota Harvest, tons of awesome prizes, excellent music, and a fun vibe the whole day through.

Experience, Passion, Support, Love.

So we're about nine months old, and I find myself asking this question. Why is Ground UP adventures the real deal? Why are ENDracing's events so gosh darn fun? Well, there are four parts to that answer - experience, passion, support, and love. Our organization not only puts on some great races, but all of the board members are also experienced racers and/or adventurers themselves.

Jim F

"I want to thank you for having the vision and energy to bring this sort of adventure to Grand Forks.  People like you make this a better community to live in."
--Jim Fairlcloth, Sr. Vice President of Marketing, Alerus financial

Team END-FAST rocks END-AR24

Team END-FAST (Extreme North Dakota - Future of Adventure Sports Team) competed this last weekend in the 'toughest race in North Dakota'.  The contest proved even more difficult than the race directors anticipated, as dropping river levels and tricky navigation caused the first section of the race to take longer than projected.  This meant teams had to negotiate the 15 miles of technical mountain bike trails in the dark, a daunting task for all racers, but especially so for 18-year old END-FAST team member Jacqueline who was mountain biking for the first time ever, and on a borrowed bike.

JLG Architects looking to support boat house project!

Andy Magness, Chair of Ground UP adventures, met this week with Randy Lieberg of JLG Architects to discuss thier possible involvement in the proposed boat house project.  While it is too early to go into details, the meeting has us very excited about the possibilites and is definitely a positive step forward for the project.