Ground Up Adventures' Family Adventure Race 2016

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The Family Adventure Race (FAR) is Sunday, September 25th 2016, from 1:00-3:00 pm. This race is one of our favorite events to put on because it lets parents come out and have fun in the "wilderness" with the kids--or it lets parents bring the kids out to see some of what they do in "grownup" races. Kids from ages 6-16 can come race on a family team (kids and grownups) or a youth team (just kids).

$15 per kid aged 6-16,
$5 per kid aged 3-5, 
adults and kids younger than 3 race free

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Give your team a name!
Enter the names of everyone racing on your team.
Mark whether you are a youth team (2-4 racers 10-16 years old, no adults).
Chose the number of Children between 3-5, select 0 for no children in this age group.
Select the number of youth ages 6-16 on your team. Kids under 3 and adults race free!